How to Clean False Eyelashes

It’s no secret that false eyelashes have become a growing trend to accentuate eyes and give your makeup application some extra spice. With styles ranging from subtle everyday wear to bold and dramatic, there is a false eyelash for everyone.

Our false lashes are good to wear 15-25 times per pair. Which means, they can get really nasty with makeup, dirt, and lash glue. Like you do your face in the mornings when you wake up, your hair on wash day, and makeup brushes when they are dirty, it too is a great idea to wash and clean your false eyelashes.



Our natural eyelashes pick up and build bacteria. Now imagine how much more when wearing false eyelashes. Some women tend to remove their falsies and not store them in their boxes or storage containers. Leaving them on their night stands, bathroom counters, in their car or just simply anywhere.

Yes, it is gross when you think about it, but that is the ugly truth about false eyelashes. This is why it is important to clean your falsies. If you are looking for how to clean your falsie and make them look as good as new, you are in the right place. Read on to find out more.


What You Need

  • Anti-bacterial soap
  • Bowl
  • Hot water
  • Paper towels
  • Spoolie or clean mascara wand
  • Tweezers

It is very easy to ruin your eyelashes while cleaning them, so be EXTREMELY CAREFUL when doing so.

Step 1. Fill bowl with hot water.

Step 2. Apply one pump or quarter size amount of anti-bacterial soap to water and mix.

Step 3. Remove excess glue from lash band with tweezers BEFORE placing in soapy solution. (be extremely careful)

Step 4. Place lashes in soapy solution for 1 minute.

Step 5. Remove lashes from soapy solution.

Step 6. Remove remaining glue from lash band with tweezer. (be extremely careful)

Step 7. Discard of soapy solution and refill bowl with cool water.

Step 8. Dip lashes in bowl to rinse then pat dry with paper towel.

Step 9. Use a spoolie or clean mascara wand to fan out hairs.

Step 10. Place lashes back in lash tray to keep their shape while drying.



Though it is recommended to clean your false eyelashes, it is probably not a good idea to wash them after every wear. Doing so could destroy the band causing the lash to shed. Instead, clean them after 4-5 wears or when build-up is visible.


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